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Track one of a trilogy I am writing about the three Castles on the Mountain range in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Buffavento means 'against the wind or to defy the wind' which blows continuously at that high altitude. The Castle was one of three in a line of defences against Arab attack, and was also part of Richard the Lion hearts Crusades. Google Buffavento to find out more about this awe inspiring place. A huge thanks go to Myke Steele for working with me on this track!


Copyright Rolf Riley all rights reserved

Can you hear the wind blow
up at Buffavento
They're hiding in the shadows
on the edge of the world

Laughing at our people
there's nothing than can keep them from
believing in thier Gods
& pouring scorn on our race

Defy the wind! ..on the edge of the world!
Defy the wind...ohhh..at Buffavento!
On top of the world
at Buffavento!

They say they'll never leave there
the ones who live and breathe there
that thier destiny is written
on the wind that time has given

So I climbed up to my future
through precipice and darkness
following thier calling
To the top of the world

Defy the wind..let the world beneath you crawl!
No...they'd better not climb ...up!
To Buffavento.


Defy the wind! ..on the edge of the world!
Defy the wind...ohhh..at Buffavento!

No more blood on thier swords
at Buffavento!
Where we can't hear their words
at Buffavento
where the thunder clouds roar
at Buffavento
Shine a light on that world

Defy the wind! ..on the edge of the world!
Defy the wind...ohhh..at Buffavento!


released May 21, 2016
Music & Lyrics Rolf Riley
All vocals & Bass Myke Steele
Guitars & keys Rolf Riley
Production Rolf Riley
Recorded in Iskele Northern Cyprus, Memphis Tenessee USA & Worthing UK.



all rights reserved


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